Where is God?

Help – Where is God?

I'm disappointed, sad, and angry! War, people flee, famine, incurable diseases, everywhere death, and destruction. Exploitation of nature, waste of resources, unimaginable profits at the expense of the poor (2 Timothy 3,1-5). If God is really omnipotent, he can change everything. Why does He not intervene? Where is God? Is the heaven empty? And after all, is there a God?

How is your relationship with God?

God lets the sun shine for us, gives rain, gives prosperity to sowing and reaping - and you receive and receive. Where is your gratitude? (The ten commandments in Exodus 20: 2) You know the rules of God. (Romans 1:21) Do you really abide in them? You blaspheme not, kill nobody, cheat not, do not steal, do not commit adultery, you honor your parents, have no desire for your neighbor`s holidays, car, house, or partner? You don´t know envy, strife or sinful thoughts? You do everything to take away the distress, anxiety and despair from others? (James 4:17) You are living like Jesus, the Son of God, quite without sin?

God intervenes!

A child murderer and even a liar can not escape God. God is just and his wrath is coming. (Revelation 20,11-15) The one who doesn´t live like Jesus Christ is guilty. God passes his judgment on you and decides about your eternity. Religion, donations and good works are not enough to compensate guilt. "There is none righteous, not even one." (The Bible, Romans 3.10) With unforgiven guilt you cannot escape his wrath, your eternal condemnation. (Romans 2.2 to 16) What a grace that God is waiting with his judgment. (1 Timothy 2.4) Without Jesus, the judgment will hit you.

Why was Jesus Christ born?

To stop disease, war and misery? He came to defeat the source of sin, which is the Devil, and call you to repentance! He said: "I am not come to call righteous persons, but sinful ones to repentance." (Luke 5.32) Read the whole story in the Bible.

The Savior, Jesus Christ died on the cross!

For he come … to minister, and give his life a ransom for many. (Mark 10:45) God becomes man to serve. The greatest service was, to die as a man for many men on the cross. Jesus Christ paid with his life the penalty of sins before God. He loves you so much. You need Jesus as your substitute and your savior, - you shouldn´t be lost forever.

Take courage for the "first step"

God loves you, he comes to meet you! He like to set you free from your sins, likes to save you, and fill your heart with his joy and his peace. We ask you: "Answer today to God's love!". Choose a quiet place and pray to God. (Matthew 6.6) Confess God all your many sins, ask Him for mercy – then He will forgive. (1 John 1.9 + Luke 18:13)

Without confession God doesn`t forgive. (Psalm 32.5) Believe that the Lord Jesus is your savior, - that he died for you. (Acts 16:31) After this you will also belong to the "many" who are saved.

Only then will Jesus Christ come into your life. He will stand by you in every suffering and after your life here on this earth, you will be with him in heaven. In this place there will be no more suffering.

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